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Updated: May 20, 2021

Following an RYA(S)/ Sailing Club meeting, clubs discussed the latest relaxation of the guidelines and shared current practices, which encouraged members to get out on the water.

As from the 17th May 2021, most of Scotland went to Level 2. So what does that mean for Perth SC and the sport of sailing? Well the biggest part is that the "Field of Play Bubble" during organised activity is increased to 50 attendees. That's sailors, officials, safety crew and instructors. Whilst Spectators are not included in this bubble, at PSC we have a Public Right of Way passing through the site, and can't prevent this. Those in the bubble "do not have to social distance". Therefore, mixed crews are permitted and launching of the safety boat will take place during organised activity (as per the event calendar).

At Perth SC we have 11 Club Boats, from single-handers to double crewed craft, so there is something for everyone.

The down side for now is that the changing rooms cannot be used, but the club has made one of the toilets for use. The clubhouse can be used in urgent situations, e.g if a participant is cold after a capsize, etc.

We are in discussions about serving refreshments, as this strays into the guidance for hospitality. A number of clubs have differing opinions as to what can and cannot be permitted. Further investigations to made by RYA(S).

The Safety Boat is now in use during organised sailing days.

We hope that the relaxation of the regulations and the latest guidance will encourage members and guests to return and have safe and an enjoyable time down at the riverside.

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