On this page you find the RYA(S) approved Risk Assessments and Protocols to safely return to club activities in a low-risk Covid Environment.

Members should read the Guidance, which outlines what mitigations are in place to reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of Coronavirus.

Activities at PSC must be booked in advance to avoid numbers exceeding the allowed "Bubble"

This includes all sailors and officials.

  1. All members who are interested in attending PSC organised events should send an email to secretary@perthsailingclub.org.uk to register their interest

  2. Members will be added to the PSC Spond group "PSC Sailing Bubble" where they can book their attendance for organised sailing events

  3. Members will have the choice of installing the Spond app on their phones or tablets, or using the Spond Web page

  4. If members cannot use Spond then it will be possible for them to nominate someone else to act on their behalf

  5. Sailing events will be setup on Spond for each PSC organised sailing event 

  6. Members will receive invites for each PSC event from Spond and can accept or decline the invites as appropriate

  7. Spond will track the number of confirmed attendees

  8. The Officer of the Day will check attendees against the Spond attendee list for the event

  9. For Social Sailing outwith the events on the race card, members must email covid19@perthsailingclub.org.uk to record their attendance at PSC.